Professional athletes are as different in their personalities as are any other people. Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics that link together athletes who become professionals and separate them from those who do not make it. No one, not even the best pro in the world, can always be highly focused. Or always reach his performance limit. The secret lies in the right mix and the right timing. When is it important to fully concentrate and to reach or even to step over your pain threshold? When is it the right time to rest and to let your body and mind regenerate? When does it help to be patient and when to be impatient?

Personal Training & Nutrition

The experts and trainers associated with .FAMEwill customize a training program for each client, to ensure that he or she is eating, sleeping and getting the right programs of exercise. Eating a nutritious diet and knowing the right nutritional supplements to use are absolutely necessary to maintain an player’s prime condition. .FAME also provides strength coaching, speed coaching, in-season training and off-season training as needed. We also have working relationships with equipment manufacturers, to make sure you are wearing the top of the line gear, to ensure you get the best results. Our goal at .FAME is for each player to be in top shape, so that he or she can and will perform best at all times.


Preventing injury and building resiliency will keep you engaged in sports, will provide a more enjoyable experience, and will maintain sport participation. All athletes want to reduce or eliminate the chances of injury while participating in sports. Injuries decrease the amount of time you can spend in leisure activities, lower your fitness and impact competitive performance.

The most frequent types of sports injuries are sprains (injuries to ligaments) strains (injuries to muscles), and stress fractures (injuries to bones). At .FAME we work with the best sports physiotherapists and sports physicians to prevent these kind of injuries. Each client from .FAME, can undergo a physical examination, before, during and after the sports season.

Mental coaching

Many athletes and performers face regular challenges including intense pressure, performance anxiety, or loss of confidence.  Individual sessions assist clients in applying mental skills, increasing mental toughness, and improving psychological functioning in the interest of inspiring positive performances and overall well-being.  Athletes are likely to benefit from adopting a mindset and skills associated with optimal levels of composure, emotional control, self-confidence, readiness, and many additional high performance attributes.

Crisis Management

Career threatening injury, dietary matters, non contract renewal, new manager, divorce, children, crime, libel, invasions of privacy, personal security, financial problems and lifestyle issues could have a major adverse effect on your playing career and life.

.FAME will conduct a comprehensive risk audit which will seek to identify some of the key possible impacts on your career. We will summarise the results and discuss the implementation of a risk management programme which will set out the steps you can take to reduce or eliminate these risks. The team will develop a personal crisis response plan enabling you to focus on your game safe in the knowledge that you are being looked after.