Lifestyle Management

We provide a multifaceted service offering so that our clients can concentrate on what they do best on the field of play. Our team is on hand to relieve some of the stress that a career in professional sport can bring, to help our players and their families enjoy the quality of life away from the pressures of performing. .FAME is committed to our very close personal relationships with our clients. We look to provide a quality lifestyle bespoke service to their individual needs. Our selected business partners work closely with .FAME and our clients, to provide a transparent and high quality service in all aspects of their lifestyle.

Post Career Transition

Retirement can be extremely difficult to cope with, if the players are not adequately prepared and have not planned for such an event. This lack of preparation can leave player vulnerable to the challenges of retirement. .FAME offers advice and guidance on post-career planning, allowing them to make sense of the opportunities, barriers and needs for career development, planning and education to prepare athletes, young and old, for a life after sport.