Contract Negotiation

Successful contractual negotiations are one of the keys to a career with strategic and economic success. Contracts have to display exactly what was negotiated and discussed.
At .FAME we negotiate the contracts our clients need. From our many dealings with club Chief Executives and major sports brands, we have the knowledge and diplomacy to get a deal completed efficiently and effectively.

A well-planned career resembles the construction of a house. It does not make sense to get the architect just for the roof. It is already in the foundations that mistakes have to be avoided. In contracts with clubs and outfitters in the youth area there are often no large amounts involved yet. But the structure of such contracts can massively influence follow-up contracts. Not seldomly, contracts signed at youth stages can have effects until far after the youth player has reached the age of majority. As agent of highly talented youth players, .FAME is an experienced negotiation partner who fairly levels out the legitimate interests of the clubs and the young players. We do everything for helping you reach your personal maximum.

Career Advice

What are the long-term goals? Where does a player want to be in two, five or ten years? These are important questions we ask our clients. For every client .FAME makes a tailored made career development plan. We offer expert career support and advice to our athletes and families, providing a dynamic support network underpinned by our commitment to prioritising our clients best interests to secure their long-term aspirations.

Sponsor Intermediation

.FAME develops marketing strategies tailored to the special needs of our clients. Through these efforts, the agency looks to communicate the intrinsic values of our players, coaches, or clubs through the alliance of brands that represent these values.

We work with the best media and commercial agencies to give our clients the most exposure and the best commercial opportunities.

Financial Management

How high are my expenses? How much can I save? What assets do I need to finance my lifestyle after my career? What style of investment suits me? Who is the adequate investment consultor?

.FAME works closely with a trusted partner and qualified expert to provide comprehensive financial management to our clients. Our team is always focused on what is best for you and your career and our financial advice services allows us to represent the short, medium and long-term requirements of our clients in the following areas: Tax and accountancy services; insurance; wealth management; pension; retirement and investment planning; mortgage advice and banking.Understanding the investment market and challenges associated with setting up your life post sport is something .FAME place a heavy emphasis on. We are partnered with leading financial and investment advisory firms who assist you with the education and support required to navigate the financial challenges associated with a professional sporting career.

Tax Advice

Tax deadlines can be intimidating for many individuals and families. The complexity of the tax return often leads to confusion. Constantly changing laws, tax rates, and allowable deductions make preparing an income tax return a challenging task. That’s where we can help. With over 10 years of experience, .FAME is equipped with several accounting specialists that provide an elite level of tax service. There is no substitute for the knowledge and understanding that a licensed, experienced tax professional can provide.

We provide the folllowing services:

  • advising on the ideal legal form of your activities
  • providing tax risk analysis
  • supporting and protecting you during tax controls
  • advising on estate planning
  • reviewing tax returns and providing fiscal second opinions

Media & PR Advice

Offering first-class service to a professional athletes and answering questions concerning the job itself is one thing. But we also have answers for in-depth questions.

Who are the right advertising partners for me? Who can I advertise for and where could be hidden conflicts? What is my value in advertising? What makes the difference between good and bad advertising?

Popular athletes players aren’t just idols, they are being admired by thousands of fans and therefore interesting clients for companies. Professional athletes players are commonly used as brand ambassador, testimonial, patrons or to project a positive image. This is exactly, where the .FAME marketing strategists come into light. Our main goal is to support these professional athletes, especially in the areas of marketing and public relations. We focus on intensifying name recognition and creating a positive image rather than economical aspects.

Credibility, authenticity and distinctiveness are amongst the top priorities. Professional athletes are not only interesting in their kit, but it is their performance in the game, which makes them interesting for potential economical partners. How visible is a player in the media? What is his message? What does he stand for?

We are committed to creating a positive image and reputation for our clients and economical partners.

Legal Advice

We provide a full legal offering for our clients through our in-house legal services which include intellectual property rights, image and endorsements rights agreements and service contracts. We also co-partner with other outside legal services whose specific services are available 24/7. We understand the importance of providing a comprehensive range of legal services. They include FIFA rules compliance, contract law support, employment law advice, compensation claims advice, real estate advice, estate planning, psychology support, accident claims support, all aspects of insurance advice and any other support required.

International Placement

For clients relocating abroad, .FAME offers a range of services to ensure that life runs smoothly in a foreign place, including banking, tax, family set-up and career planning advice. We have strong relations abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.